Learn About Brandon's Career in Wichita Kansas

Brandon Steven's seemed destined for a career in business from the early years. Business had always played an important role in the Stevens household. His father, Rod Steven Sr., was an entrepreneur himself, having owned 15 Little Joe's Car Wash locations, The Slope ski shop and Dock 44 discount store while he was a child.

He graduated from Southern Illinois University in 1995, eager to grow on his automotive experience. Upon completing his undergraduate degree, Steven opened a telephone-based car finding service that connected potential buyers with vehicles available in the market. While this first business venture struggled, Stevens continued down an automotive path by repairing vehicles and reselling them for a small profit.

Stevens purchased the original Brandon Stevens Motors headquarters on West Street in Wichita in 1996. By the year 2000, the business would grow to four used car dealerships in the Wichita region. In 1997, Brandon and his brother Rodney formed Steven Enterprises, LLC, which would be comet the parent company for all of their future business ventures, including the Genesis Health Club franchise, which now operates over forty locations in the Wichita region.


In 2004, Steven Enterprises purchased its first new car dealership, Subaru of Wichita. The dealership's success lead to the development of a new showroom and renovation of the Rock Road Car Wash, next door to the Brand Steven Motors east location. By 2007, Brandon Steven had enveloped two additional new car dealerships: Ford of Augusta and a Suzuki dealership.

The volume coming out of Wichita, Kansas drew attention from the automotive industry throughout the county. Scott and Brandon continued to grow their used car businesses in the former Brandon Steven Motors locations, with Super Car Guys, ultimately leading to a majority share in another popular and successful automotive franchise, Eddy's Toyota.

In July 2016, Brandon Steven expanded his car dealership operations outside of Kansas with the purchase of Lee's Summit Mazda in the Kansas City suburb of  Lee's  Summit, Missouri. A $1 million renovation to the existing building and a lot expansion. The lot expansion will include the purchase of a vacant lot adjacent to the current building that will double the lot space.

In addition to their decades of local business involvement, Brandon and Rodney Stevens have also given generously to the greater-Wichita community, notably through the establishment of the Genesis Foundation for Fitness & Tennis (GFFT). Founded in 2007, the Genesis Foundation is a non-profit organization geared towards helping young people build character and self-esteem, as they discover the benefits of physical activity through local scholarships.