Brandon Steven, President of Brandon Steven Motors, attended Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, Illinois. However, college wasn't always in a priority. Brandon seemed destined for a career in business from his early years. Business had always played an important role in the Stevens household. His father, Rod Steven Sr., was an entrepreneur himself, having owned 15 Little Joe's Car Wash locations, The Slope Ski Shop and Dock 44 Discount Store, and several other related business'. Brandon learned his relentless work ethic and time management from his father.

Prior to high school and college, Brandon had pursued many entrepreneurial endeavors including a pigeon removal and rehoming business named Pigeon Busters. At 12 years old he would collect and sell pigeons away from businesses. He had many jobs from snow removal to working at his Father's car wash. Eventually, he needed to work under someone else so he transitioned to washing cars at a local car dealership, which eventually led him to begin selling vehicles and making a career of helping people find the perfect vehicle to fit their needs. After having mild success in the car business Brandon wanted to avoid college and start forming the foundation for his career. Brandon's Mother, Becky, disagreed and Brandon went to join his older brother Rodney at Southern Illinois University.

During college Brandon continued to sharpen his entrepreneurial skills starting a marketing business that published HBO TV guides and had advertisers on the other side of the paper. He juggled school, fraternity, sports, flipping cars and selling them, along with a small scooter sales business.

Upon completing his undergraduate degree, Brandon opened a telephone-based car finding service that connected potential buyers with vehicles available in the market. While this first business venture struggled, Stevens continued down an automotive path by continuing to repair vehicles and resell them for a small profit one at a time. Little by little, the car sales started increasing and transformed from flipping a few vehicles a month to a few vehicles every week. In 1996, Brandon decided it was time to go all in and he purchased the original Brandon Stevens Motors headquarters on West Street.

The Beginning of Steven Enterprises, LLC

In 1997, Brandon and his brother Rodney formed Steven Enterprises, LLC, which would become the parent company for all of their future business ventures, including the Genesis Health Club franchise, which now operates fifty locations in 6 states throughout the Midwest. 

By the turn of the century in 2000, the business would grow to four used car dealerships in the Wichita area. In 2004, Steven Enterprises purchased its first new car dealership, Subaru of Wichita. The volume of sales continued to grow through the businesses in Wichita, Kansas and drew attention from the automotive industry throughout the country. Brandon then acquired the longtime Wichita franchise, Eddy's Toyota. By 2009, Brandon Steven had developed two additional new car dealerships: Ford of Augusta and a Suzuki of Wichita. After years of building these dealerships and raising Suzuki of Wichita to the #1 volume dealership in the NATION for 5 years straight and Eddy's Toyota and to the #1 Volume dealerships in the region, Brandon started rapidly adding dealerships. In 2013 Brandon converted the Suzuki dealership to Subaru of Wichita. Shortly after that Brandon Steven purchased a Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram franchise in March of 2014. 


On the same exact day Brandon acquired a Chevrolet Cadillac store and a Volvo dealership in April 2015, which was followed up in July of 2016 with the purchase of Lee's Summit Mazda in the Kansas City suburb of Lee's Summit, Missouri. After a million dollar renovation to the existing building and a lot expansion the store soon became the largest volume Mazda franchise in Kansas City, followed by the purchase of a collaboration of Manheim Wichita.

Steven Introduces Find Dining To West Wichita...And Buys More Dealerships

The year of 2018 started with a bang as Brandon opened the doors to his first fine dining restaurant in West Wichita, 6s Steakhouse and sold his Ford dealership, Ford of Augusta. By April of 2018, Brandon along with this team at Eddy's Chevrolet Cadillac decided to add Lincoln to their car dealership portfolio, which soon started breaking sales records for the longtime dealership.

Year after year, Wichita Business Journal publishes the ranking of automobile dealerships by total units sold and year after year Brandon Steven Motors continues to top the list claiming more than twice the volume of nearest competing automotive group. Did we mention that Brandon Steven also purchased Honda of Downtown Los Angeles in July 2020? It's one of his most exciting purchases yet!

Steven Is More Than A Car Guy

In addition to decades of business accolades, Brandon is passionate about children and fitness. Genesis Foundation for Fitness & Tennis (GFFT), founded in 2007 by Brandon and his brother Rodney Steven, is a non-profit organization geared towards helping young people build character and self-esteem as they discover the benefits of physical activity through local scholarships.


Brandon is also a very successful fundraiser and a generous philanthropist. In 2007, Brandon received the prestigious National Man of the Year award from the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. When nominated for the award, Brandon knew he could make a difference and set his goals high. With the help of many generous contributors, Brandon reached his goal and broke the national record for a great and deserving cause. His main platform of philanthropy is with under privileged children. If you haven't heard, he has also partnered with Susan Peters in 2021 in sponsoring Susan's Kids - a non-profit organization that helps Kansas foster children find forever homes. Brandon strives to motivate those around him and challenges them to achieve more. He values health, fitness, children, and a competitive drive.

Brandon and his brother, Rodney Steven II, co-own the Wichita Thunder, Allen Americans and Tulsa Oilers hockey teams together with their younger brother, Johnny Steven under Steven Brothers Sports Management. Brandon is also co-owner in 50 GenesisHealth Club locations spanning 6 states throughout the Midwest.



Brandon and his wife Karen Steven reside in Wichita, KS and have six children: Lauren, Lainie, Lexi, Landry, Brandon Jr. and Leighton.